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General Terms & Conditions for Exhibitors

1. Parties

These General Terms and Conditions for exhibitors cover the following parties:
The exhibitor
The Organiser
(Borneo Referral Group)

2. Application, Registration and Order Confirmation

a) After receipt and approval of an applicant’s completed application form via, the applicant is registered as an exhibitor at an exhibition organised by the organiser. By completing the application form, the applicant declares himself familiar with the objective of the exhibition and agrees to exhibit only those products and/or services which come within the scope of the exhibition.

3. Eligible Exhibits

a) Exhibits will be limited to companies or products approved according to the listed classification on BNI industry classification and adhere to the rules and regulation set by the event venue provider (Sabah International Convention Centre (SICC))

4. Exhibition Allocation and Rent Costs

a) The organiser reserves the right to allocate exhibition booths position and location to exhibitors. The wishes of the exhibitor are taken into account as far as possible. The organiser reserves the right to change the original position and location where the authorised representative of the exhibitor will be notified.

5. Conditions of Payment

a) Payment is to be made in accordance with the conditions of payment on the exhibit application form which stated at All fees for the BORNEO EXPO 2024 must be paid in advance through the Website ( where payment details are processed securely through a third-party payment processor.

Payable to:
Borneo Referral Group

b) For international transactions, US Dollar will be the official currency for BORNEO EXPO 2024 where the exchange rate is fixed by the organiser during the payment step at the official website (

6. Event Modifications and Cancellations

6.1 Cancellations by the organiser:
The organiser is authorised to cancel or postpone the event due to unforeseeable occurrences, omissions or accidents (e.g. official measures, industrial disputes, pandemic etc.) and to refund all of the exhibition booth rental fee. In the event of event cancellation or postponement by the organiser, no hotel or airline expenses shall be reimbursed.

6.2 Cancellations by Exhibitors:
The exhibitor may cancel their exhibition booth registration at any time by written notice to the organiser via email which is stated at Refund payments are based on the criteria listed below:
a) Cancellations more than 120 days prior to the event start date: 100% refund
b) Cancellations between 120 and 90 days prior to the event start date: 75% refund
c) Cancellations between 90 and 60 days prior to the event start date: 50% refund
d) Cancellations between 60 days prior to the event start date: No refund, but can transfer the ownership of the exhibition booth to the other exhibitors from BNI referral partners only within 30 days prior to the event start date (applicable to BNI referral partners only). For non BNI referral partners, the ownership can be transferred to any corporate, organisation or individuals that adhere to the exhibitor’s eligibility of products / services stated at 3(a).

Non – refundable fees, in accordance with the conditions of payment on the exhibit application form, will be withheld to cover administrative and event organising costs. Exhibitors are responsible for cancelling any other reservation (e.g hotel or airline reservations) made in connection with the event. The organiser retains the right to resell any booth cancelled by the exhibitor within 60 days prior to the event start date if the requirement is not met (6.2(d)).

7. Data and Privacy

a) Data Collection: BORNEO EXPO 2024 collects and process personal information as described in its Privacy Policy

8. Exhibition Booths, Activities and Code of Conduct

a) All exhibitors must finish the set up and be ready at least 30 minutes prior to the opening of the event. Exhibitors are obliged to ensure that the exhibition area is kept clean and safe for exhibit.

b) Any exhibition area that is not occupied during the event will be considered a no-show, and the space will be forfeited by the exhibitor. The forfeited area may be resold or used by BNI Sabah North without obligation for any refund or whatsoever, unless arrangements for delayed occupancy have been made within 24 hours prior to the event start date.

c) One single exhibition booth is allowed to share a maximum of 2 companies only.

d) 8(c) is applicable for D (Duo) and Q (Quad) packages as each package is made up of single lots.

e) The exhibitor shall only be allowed to display and distribute advertising material and to address visitors within their exhibition booth area.

f) 8(e) is not applicable for exclusive exhibitors (Main Sponsors & Sponsors & Quad Exhibitors) as these groups are given access to various parts of the event area that were already specified prior to the event.

g) Activities that are being held in the exhibition area must be conducted in an ethical way of business. The Organizer reserves the right to stop and exclude the exhibitor from the event with no refund or compensation.

h) All exhibition items must be removed from the exhibition area after the closing of the exhibition on the date and time specified by the organiser. If the exhibitor fails to remove the items by the specified time and date, the organiser is entitled to remove the items at the exhibitor’s own risk and cost.

9. Fire Safety Regulations

a) Exhibitors are responsible for knowledge of and adherence to all fire and safety codes, and must follow the guidance given by any representative of the event venue.

10. Liability and Limitation of Liability

a) The organiser is only liable for damage or loss to the exhibitor if the damage and loss is caused by fault or negligence by the organiser operators. The organiser is not responsible for the exhibitor’s indirect losses, including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of goodwill, injuries, etc.

b) The exhibitor is liable for any damage including loss or damage to goods caused either by own booth operators or partners to the exhibition venue. The exhibitor is also liable to any other damage arising from the exhibitor’s failure to supervise the own rented area. The organiser is not responsible for the exhibited rented area by the exhibitor.

11. Complaints

a) Exhibitor’s complaint’s in relation to the events and these Terms and Conditions should be made in writing and sent to the organiser without delay and not later than 30 days from the date of the event.

12. Insurance

a) The organiser will bear no insurance risk on behalf of the exhibitor. The exhibitor is explicitly urged to make use of their own possibilities of insurance. The organiser assumes that the exhibitors are adequately insured.

13. Visitor and Staff

a) The exhibitors are required to declare the operating staffs for their own exhibition operation to the organiser. Any changes of the personnel needed to inform directly to the organiser. Non registered staff will be prohibited to enter the event exhibition area.

b) The organiser shall not be liable to any visitor for damages he or she may have suffered due to the behaviour of an exhibitor or staff employed by an exhibitor. In particular, the exhibitor and their staff cannot be considered as vicarious agents of the organiser.

14. Amendment of Terms and Conditions

a) The organiser reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. All amendments shall be binding on the exhibitor with the provision that the exhibitor is advised of any such amendment. Any matters not specifically covered herein are subject to decision by the organiser.

15. Intellectual Property Rights

a) The organiser maintains all intellectual property and marketing rights regarding the exhibition, including websites, logos, company names, event names, activities names etc.

b) No other than the organiser is legally allowed to make commercial use hereof unless consent is given by the organiser.

16. Severability

a) If one or more provisions of these Terms and Conditions are found invalid, this shall not affect the rest of the provision’s validity.

17. Entire Agreement and Discrepancies

a) The Terms and Conditions and any document referred to in these conduct entire agreement between the exhibitor and the organiser.

b) The Terms and Conditions prevails in case of any discrepancies between these and other agreements between the Parties.

18. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a) The Terms and Conditions are subject to Malaysian Law. Any dispute arising in connection with the Terms and Conditions, including disputes concerning the Terms and Conditions’ existence or validity shall be settled by the courts in Malaysia.

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