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Borneo Expo 2024 Will Start In:


Welcome to the BORNEO EXPO 2024, the ultimate gathering of international professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, where this extraordinary event is designed to connect individuals from diverse industrial sectors to foster collaboration, and to inspire growth in the world of business internationally. 

In today’s interconnected and rapidly evolving business landscape, networking has become an indispensable tool for success. Recognizing this, the event will bring together the brightest minds and the most innovative companies to create an unparalleled platform for forging new connections and unlocking boundless opportunities beyond borders.

What to expect


Participants may register in this website for:

  • Exhibition Booth
  • Networking Session and Gala Night
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Transportation

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For any inquiries, please contact:

Borneo Referral Group

Holiday Packages


Payment Options
Within Malaysia

Credit Card and FPX via SenangPay payment gateway.

Outside of Malaysia

Pay securely using your credit card via PayPal.

Event Modifications and Cancellations
1) Conditions of Payment

a) Payment is to be made in accordance with the conditions of payment on the exhibit application form which stated at All fees for the BORNEO EXPO 2024 must be paid in advance through the Website ( where payment details are processed securely through a third-party payment processor.

Payable to:
Borneo Referral Group

b) For international transactions, US Dollar will be the official currency for BORNEO EXPO 2024 where the exchange rate is fixed by the organiser during the payment step at the official website (

2) Event Modifications and Cancellations

a) Cancellations by the organiser:
The organiser is authorised to cancel or postpone the event due to unforeseeable occurrences, omissions or accidents (e.g. official measures, industrial disputes, pandemic etc.) and to refund all of the exhibition booth rental fee. In the event of event cancellation or postponement by the organiser, no hotel or airline expenses shall be reimbursed.

3) Cancellations by Exhibitors:

The exhibitor may cancel their exhibition booth registration at any time by written notice to the organiser via email which is stated at Refund payments are based on the criteria listed below:
a) Cancellations more than 120 days prior to the event start date: 100% refund
b) Cancellations between 120 and 90 days prior to the event start date: 75% refund
c) Cancellations between 90 and 60 days prior to the event start date: 50% refund
d) Cancellations between 60 days prior to the event start date: No refund, but can transfer the ownership of the exhibition booth to the other exhibitors from BNI referral partners only within 30 days prior to the event start date (applicable to BNI referral partners only). For non BNI referral partners, the ownership can be transferred to any corporate, organisation or individuals that adhere to the exhibitor’s eligibility of products / services stated at 3(a).

Non - refundable fees, in accordance with the conditions of payment on the exhibit application form, will be withheld to cover administrative and event organising costs. Exhibitors are responsible for cancelling any other reservation (e.g hotel or airline reservations) made in connection with the event. The organiser retains the right to resell any booth cancelled by the exhibitor within 60 days prior to the event start date if the requirement is not met (3(d)).

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